Acting Career Tips

Tips To Finding Acting Agencies In Atlanta

From children to adults, everyone it seems wants to make it big in the movies, film or art fields. Acting agencies in Atlanta are full of hopefuls of all ages that want to make it big as an actor, actress or even as a model.

So, what are the tips to making it big? Other than obvious talent that so many possess, what tips can help you make it in the entertainment world?

  • Leave no bridge burned. Whether you agree or disagree with the statements or handling of your agent or consultants, don't burn those bridges. If you leave a bad taste in the mouth of one agent, you may negatively affect your chances with another. While it may seem like there are tons of agents in town, it's actually a small close-knit community and you don't want to have the negative word get out about you.

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  • Choose an agent who is well connected. It's OK to ask the agent or acting agencies in Atlanta that you interview with who they are connected with, IE producers, directors, or writers.
  • Don't get discouraged when looking for representation. Call around to the various agencies in town, from John Robert Powers and Ford models on down. If they're accepting new talent, send out your head shots and resume. No, they're not all going to accept you, but they might. It's a numbers game.
  • Beware of "talent managers" as this lot is un-regulated group within the talent industry. Anyone can put out a "manager" sign and say they will represent you, so don't be scammed. Instead, ask for references and research their background and clients. A quality manager will understand your hesitation and not pressure you.
While some actors and models do fine at the job without ever hiring representation, it is much harder to do so. By signing on with an agent, you have a closer "in" with the industry and you can concentrate your efforts more on your skills, auditions and looks.

If you have to constantly be digging up auditions, sending out head shots and primarily working the business, it is just more of an uphill battle.

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