Acting Career Tips

Acting Internships

If you have tried out a variety of different things and you've decided that you're really interested in acting then there are many ways to pursue your interest while still staying in school. One of these ways is by using acting internships. These internships work just like any other internship and, just like every other internship you'll come across, it will allow you to experience things from a different perspective, one a little closer to where you want to be.

While some people decide that what they thought they were interested in just isn't for them after interning, more often than not it's the opposite case and people are even more interested afterwards.

It might be best to think of acting internships as a way to try out a job to see whether or not it fits you before you really devote your life to the career. While some internships are paid, not all of them are going to be. However, internships of the film, performing arts, or theater variety will open up a lot of options for you regardless of what type of actor you want to be.

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You can get a summer internship in california or even in new york. Wouldn't it be lovely to go work in NY at the NYT? This will help you understand what life would be like in New York City and it's a great way to do it. Of course, if you go to California then you would probably be interning in los angeles just because that's a huge place for acting talent now.

New York and California aren't the only big acting areas, though. Don't forget Washington DC or Chicago, as these are both great areas for many shows that are based out of related areas.

While acting internships might not be for everyone, it's still something interesting to think about.

It might even allow you to have a once in a lifetime experience, even if you decide that acting just isn't for you. Of course, with acting internships you'll be doing a lot of grunt work but at least you'll be able to see behind the scenes.

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