Acting Career Tips

Finding Casting Calls In Florida

Most people who want to act automatically think that they need to move to Hollywood or New York if they are going to pursue their dream. One of the problems with this plan, however, is that it puts you in competition with a huge concentration of other hopefuls, whether you're a model or an actor or a singer.

It can sometimes actually be easier to build a name for yourself in a less acting-centric community and then use the good reputation that you have built as leverage to get in the door at a bigger studio. You can start building your career by attending casting calls in Florida.

Though few people think of Florida as a major center for acting, it actually has some large cities where casting calls can be held. Both Orlando and Tampa have been known to hold casting calls for both actors and models in the past. For kids, the proximity to Disney's facilities in Florida makes it a great place to start building connections that could get them work for Disney Channel and for movies.

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These events are generally open to the public and free to attend, so they can also be a good way of building up experience in dealing with the audition process.

You should seriously consider whether you are going to travel for long distances to attend any casting call. It may be tempting to think that you will improve your chances by traveling for hundreds of miles to get to audition, but you may not actually even be guaranteed a chance to try for a role.

Many teenagers and young people who spent 2008 dreaming about being in the next Twilight movie were deeply disappointed when they traveled all the way to Canada to audition for New Moon and were turned away without even getting a chance.

Most aspiring performers think that the only path to fame and stardom is to go directly to the heart of the industry. For those who are willing to consider other paths, though, attending casting calls in Florida can offer an opportunity to prove that you have the talent it takes without having to deal with the intense competition of New York and Hollywood.

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